Local communities are the heart of America. The people, the
community organizations, and the small local business.

Both the small businesses and community groups suffer from people just not knowing they exist. We just drive right by and miss the great people and services that are just inside the doors.

Follow Me Local strives to fix this by using popular social media tools to connect people to these local merchants offering products and services, and community organizations providing services and help to everyone possible. Fact is both local merchant and groups rarely get any publicity.

Local Non-Profits need in increase awareness too. They know about the big money groups, but not the small community groups that are often the first to step-up. People just don’t know who or what is just around the corner.

I believe in community and this is why I have created Follow Me Local initially in Middle Tennessee and Louisville KY.

You will see that with Follow Me Local, you can speak to the community more quickly and efficiently than with any other tool. Literally everyday if you want.

You will see that Follow Me Local is structured to be simple and affordable.

Take a look and get involved.

Thanks, Have a great day! Now Here’s The Story.

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